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Things to note when taking photos, the following are Max’s tips

Thank you in advance for choosing "Sweet Impression Photography Studio" to take this family photo for you.
In order for this shooting to go smoothly and to know more about the shooting details, please take the time to read it!

Parent-child photoshooting tips before shooting

  1. Please choose a time when your child is usually in the best mood to take the photo.
    Usually when the baby just wakes up, the energy and concentration of the baby will be better.
    If the child does not have enough sleep, it will inevitably affect the shooting situation that day.
  2. Try to avoid the time when you have just finished drinking milk or when you are full to avoid milk spillage caused by movement during shooting.
  3. If the number of sets you want to shoot is 2 to 3, you can prepare one more set of clothes to match the scene~ (the number of sets depends on the plan you choose)
    (Bright colors and earth tones are preferred).
  4. If you have clothes for a family photo, you can also bring them! The effect is usually great when the whole family wears the same clothes!
    If you don’t have clothes for the family photo, clothes of the same color are also good!
  5. Please be careful to prevent your baby from being bitten or scratched by mosquitoes and leaving marks a few days before taking pictures;
    If you have any problems before shooting, please inform Max in advance^^
  6. If you are concerned about the part with beard, stubble or nose hair, please trim it before shooting. It cannot be post-processed.
  7. If the clothes are prone to wrinkles, it is recommended to tidy them up before shooting. If the shooting is in our studio, there is a garment steamer available for use.
  8. You can prepare toys that your children usually play with or like.
    Or some children's decorations and gadgets can be used as photo props. (If you will bring toys, please discuss it with me in advance, because some toys are not suitable to bring to avoid affecting the shooting)
  9. You can bring some food that your baby likes to eat to satisfy their cravings during the filming process.
  10. It is recommended that parents can spend more time in the mirror and have some parent-child interaction with their children. This will be more meaningful parent-child memories for you and your children.
  11. During the filming, parents are asked to pay attention to the safety of their children and themselves. The photographer is only responsible for taking pictures and does not assume the responsibility of taking care of them.
  12. Shooting tips:
    About eye direction
    You don’t have to keep your eyes focused on the camera when shooting~Usually the picture will look better if the whole family's eyes are in the same direction.Imagine this situation,when parents and children are interacting, parents normally look at their children rather than at the photographer.
    Because parents often look at the photographer while interacting with their children, which is more unnatural.
    When photographer Max needs a lens, Max will tell you

    About smile
    In some scenes, I will guide parents to smile naturally and happily when interacting with their children. I think this is actually great because that's your most natural smile, but if you don't like your smile to be too exaggerated, you may need to adjust it a little when taking photos.



  1. If you choose a shooting location, additional tickets will be charged, which you need to pay at your own expense.
  2. If the shooting location is outside Taichung City, transportation fees will be charged.
  3. If you need photo albums or frameless paintings, you can purchase them separately.
    Photo album and frameless painting reference


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